Tree Swallow & Bat House Project

These houses require some seasonal maintenance. If you are interested in volunteering to help monitor or maintain these houses or more information on this project please contact Marilyn Apfel or Sharon Hensley



Two Scouts completed the following installations in 2015

Boy Scout One- Build and install Tree Swallow houses on FMCA land

Boy Scout One and his team built and installed 10 tree swallow houses on FMCA property and should soon receive the BSA Eagle Scout badge. Tree swallows readily nest in nest boxes, and so we are hopeful that early next spring more of them will take up residence in Franklin Manor and help control the mosquito problem.



Boy Scout Two – Bat houses to be placed on FMCA land

Boy Scout Two with his team installed 6 bat houses on FMCA property and should soon receive his BSA Eagle Scout badge.  Bats migrate in the spring seeking roosts and flying insects – including mosquitoes.  We hope that some will find our new bat houses and provide another layer of mosquito control in Franklin Manor.  It can take a couple of years for bats to inhabit new bat houses.



About installing a Tree Swallow House:

Dig a 2 foot deep hole. (Using a posthole digger is recommended.) Place bottom of pole into the ground, making sure the bird house door faces east to southeast, with one person holding it steady.  Use a level to make certain the pole is not leaning. While one person holds the pole straight, the other fills the hole around the post with pea-gravel or a quick-set cement.


In very early spring,clean out any cobwebs, etc. from inside the tree swallow house, then fasten the door closed with the nail on the side. Tree Swallows begin migrating to this area in early spring to find nesting sites and they readily nest in tree swallow houses.

*Once you have tree swallows in residence, enjoy their acrobatic flight patterns and the knowledge that they will help to control mosquitoes and other insects around your property.

*See and for more information about Tree Swallows.