Franklin Manor, A Brief History

The name “Franklin Manor” dates back to the 17th century when the Franklin family was given this peninsula as part of a land grant. At the time, what we now know as “Franklin Manor” was used for agricultural purposes and, as the story goes, the British Navy would anchor out in the Bay, near what is now the community park, to purchase poultry and vegetables from the owners. It is believed that the farm was owned by Clem Franklin until it was purchased by the Springers. It was then bought by the Franklin Manor Beach Company and in 1922 plans were made to make it a summer resort community.

An old farm house that sat near the corner of Gwynne and Franklin Blvd was at some point converted into a hotel. The hotel stood until it became a dilapidated hazard and had to be torn down. The oldest structure still standing in Franklin Manor dates to 1890, though many houses were built from the 1950s through very recently.

The Franklin Manor Citizen’s Association (FMCA) was formed in 1953. It became incorporated in 1954, originally holding its meetings at private residences, the Deale Community Center and even the hotel. Since that time, Franklin Manor has developed into a community of nearly 600 houses, located on a scenic peninsula of Chesapeake Bay near Herring Bay. The location brings together a variety of different cultural aspects of the Bay, including fishing, agriculture, and residential uses. Franklin Manor is about thirty miles from our nation’s capital, making it a popular location for DC commuters. In 2000, 21 acres of wetland bordering the community were deeded to FMCA, and in 2008 3 acres of open space on Franklin Boulevard became Community property

Community amenities include two fishing piers, a swim platform, a playground, baseball diamond, volleyball field, picnic pavilion, boat-ramp and a mile long Bay-front park. These amenities are available only to Franklin Manor residents and their guests. The FMCA continues to be a volunteer organization designed and committed to maintaining the quality of life in our community

This history is a work in progress and we appreciate anybody who has old photos or old stories contacting us and adding to what we know about Franklin Manor. Please contact us at info@franklinmanorcommunity.org