Mosquito Control

MDA Program

Franklin Manor has applied to be on the 2016 Maryland Department of Agriculture Mosquito Control list. This program includes  a Spray Treatment and a Larvicide. A yard sign will be placed at the Franklin Manor Entrance each Sunday to help remind residents of the potential for spray.

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Assigned Spray Night: Sunday

Spraying Can Occur: 7:00 P.M.–2:30 A.M.

Training Program Schedule: May 25–June 1 2016 (community might or might not be sprayed on Assigned Spray Night during this period.)

Regular Service Scheduled: June 1–October 11, 2016 (Oct. 11 is an estimated end date)

Exemption: Residents who do not wish their property to be sprayed may file and exemption. The exemption policy and form can be found here:

Products used:

Operating Procedure:

For Further information:

• 410-841-5870

Mosquito Dunks

For Use on Private Property:
Dunks are provided to residents by FMCA at monthly meetings June-September or by calling Nancy Youmans at (410) 867-4962.

Dunks-in-the-Ditches Program:
Dunks are available as part of a Dunks-in-the-Ditches Program. This program consist of an organized group of volunteers. Each resident that volunteers for this program is assigned a block or street to monitor and apply mosquito dunks in ditches with standing water as needed. The dunks last a month, and the volunteers will get a fresh supply of dunks every month for placement. These dunks are to be used exclusively for roadbed ditches. To volunteer or to learn more please contact

What can you do?

Remove Mosquito Habitats

Prevent Your Exposure