Shore Erosion Control District

What is a Shore Erosion Control District?

This district goes back to the 1930s.  It is a matter of State Law:  1993 Laws of Maryland, Chapter 27.  Franklin Manor is not named specifically, but, in response to hurricane flooding in the 1930s, the State law was enacted so that any property abutting the Chesapeake Bay or any other body of water in the State is a Shore Erosion Control District and is named after the subdivision that it is within.

§ 21-306. Erosion control tax in Anne Arundel County

(a) In general. — The County Council of Anne Arundel County may impose a direct tax on property in a shore erosion control district to:

(1) repay a loan made to the county by the State under § 8-1005 of the Natural Resources Article for the construction of an erosion control project for the benefit of a shore erosion control district; and

(2) pay for maintenance, repair, and reconstruction of erosion control projects.

(b) Collection. — A tax under this section shall:

(1) be imposed and collected as county taxes are imposed and collected; and

(2) have the same priority rights, bear the same interest and penalties, and in every respect be treated the same as county taxes