Special Community Benefit District

What is a Special Community Benefit District?

Franklin Manor is a Special Community Benefit District (SCBD). This means that homeowners in our community pay an additional tax, administered by the County, that provides the funds needed to maintain Community-owned property. The Franklin Manor Citizens Association Board of Directors is responsible for working within the County’s guidelines to spend the money collected on maintenance of our parks, piers, shoreline and open spaces. Each year the FMCA Board of Directors creates a budget for the coming year and sets the tax rate for the SCBD based on anticipated needs. The Budget is published in the February or March newsletter and sent to all members of FMCA. This process, as well as all meetings of the Board, are open to all members of FMCA.

Taken from the Anne Arundel County Code, as published on the County’s website, here is the exact definition of Franklin Manor’s Special Community Benefit Tax District:

1. The limits of the Franklin Manor Special Community Benefit District are all those lands shown on the original plat of Franklin Manor Beach recorded among the land records of Anne Arundel County in Plat Book 15, Folio 4.

2. The district is established for the purpose of the acquisition, maintenance, and improvement of real property or any interest therein to accomplish community projects, including but not limited to the construction of community piers, storage sheds, and an association building; the acquisition and maintenance of equipment necessary to maintain and improve community property, including but not limited to beaches, parks, playground areas, boat ramps, parking lots, community-owned roads, and community piers; the acquisition and maintenance of recreational equipment; providing special police protection for security and to prevent rowdyism, vandalism, and trespassing on community-owned property; and the administrative expenses necessary to accomplish these purposes, including but not limited to liability insurance for community property, audit and bonding expenses, utility expenses, postage, attorneys’ fees, and the repayment of loans obtained in order to accomplish any of the purposes of the district.

3. The Franklin Manor Special Community Benefit District shall be administered by the Franklin Manor Citizens’ Association, Inc., a civic or community association that meets the requirements of ยง 4-7-101(d).

For more information on the county budget please visit http://www.aacounty.org/Budget/FY2015.cfm#.VH4Bloe7lvt